Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Dolly Boyko came by my office today to chat.  We reminisced about her daughter Krista. 

Krista had left this world way too young - Only 42 when she died in 2012 -  but before she went she inspired people to donate over $11,000 for the Drumheller Cancer Clinic through the Cuts for Cancer fundraiser at the Chop Shop. 

Krista Jean Boyko passed away at the Drumheller Health Centre in October of 2012. You might have known her from Whifs, where she worked for 17 years.  She was a friendly face there until her diagnosis of cancer made it too difficult to continue working.  Though its sad that she's gone, her legacy lives on at the Drumheller Cancer Clinic in the comfort measures that the Cancer patients enjoy there - the special treatment chairs were purchased, in part, from that fundraising effort.

Leaving a legacy such as Krista did can truly benefit your community.  It can be a small or large as you wish.  If you'd like to do something for your community through donations to the Hospital, please contact our office at the Drumheller Area Health Foundation.  We'd love to help you do so.

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