Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Your donated funds are hard at work!

Hamilton-C1-Neo.jpgIn our last Board meeting our members approved the funding for a Ventilator in the Intensive Care Unit of our hospital.  This will cost about $36,000 and is a full feature intensive care ventilator that combines both invasive and noninvasive modes with additional options such as high flow oxygen therapy.  It will be able to be used in any size patient - even our youngest if needed.  With it's compact design it is ideal for use in both the delivery room as well as the intensive care unit, and the emergency ward.  This is the same unit that is used by STARS so will facilitate transitioning from one medical team to another in a very smooth manner for the patient in crisis.  Thank you everyone for your continued support for our Greatest Need fund.

Find out more about the Foundation at www.DrumhellerHealthFoundation.com.  You can also donate online at our website or drop by our office to see us!  We're open Tuesday and Wednesday from 9am to 5pm.