Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Another Successful Cuts 4 Cancer

Written by Liam Hilchey on Sunday, 03 February 2013 at Drumheller OnLine.
(Cathy Morse gets ready to cut off Spencer Fournier's mullet)
The 8th annual Cuts 4 Cancer at the Chop Shop in Drumheller February 3, was a big success, and a great time was had by all that sacrificed their hair, and by others who came for support.

Spencer Fournier, a grade 11 student at DVSS and member of both the Drumheller Titans football team and captain of the Midget Raptors minor hockey team, had been growing a good old-fashioned mullet for quite some time, but decided to sacrifice his “flow” for a good cause.

“I decided I would cut my hair for my grandma, and all the other cancer patients that have passed away.” said Fournier.

Fournier, who's grandmother has fought cancer twice, raised $810 by himself for the Drumheller Area Health Foundation. He says it will probably take some time to get used to the new hairstyle, but he hopes his hockey teammates will forgive him.

“You know I feel kinda bald here, I don't really know what to do with my life right now, but I'll just have to carry on,” he laughs. “I don't think the boys will be very happy with my hair gone, but I'll try to keep scoring goals every night and doing my best for the boys.”

Fournier ended with promising his trademarked mullet will be back in time.

As for the rest of the Cuts 4 Cancer event, owner of the Chop Shop, Cathy Morse, said it was a very busy day, and the community support was great as always.

“So far its been busy since we opened the door, its been non-stop! I haven't had a chance to check our totals yet, but I think we'll do very well.” she explained. 

Members of the Titans football team and some Drumheller Dragons helped, raise funds by cutting their hair, as well as many other residents who made the commitment. The total amount raised by the event was $24,297.51 so a little short of their $30,000 goal set by Morse and the crew at the Chop Shop. Because of the shortage, the Chop Shop will be open for more donations until the end of February. See this story at Drumheller OnLine!
Members of the Drumheller Titans showed support for Cuts for Cancer and went under the razor on Sunday afternoon. Still time this afternoon to get a hair cut and support a good cause at the Chop Shop. See this at The Drumheller Mail/Inside Drumheller's Facebook page.